Painkiller Cam is an energetic and imaginative fine artist and illustrator proudly influenced by shady characters such as Lady Gaga, Grace Jones and Alexander McQueen. He attended Northern Illinois University as an art major/fashion minor, in a town known only for corn fields and being the birthplace of Cindy Crawford; and let’s be honest the latter was a major deciding factor.

In his personal work he creates with a sarcastic, electrically charged gay vision of all things pop culture. Toying with notions of gender neutrality and probing the fluid topic of androgyny while artistically disputing traditionally accepted family ideals feels very genuine. He mixes media more often than not challenging himself to marry pen and ink with colored pencils, blending acrylic and spray paint and immersing himself in digital manipulation. 

He strives to create an edible yet disturbing brand of sexy contradiction in his artistic efforts, glamourizing the creepy and romanticizing the controversial. At the end of the day, he really only wants his art to be two things. Iconic and Relevant.


J. Kosharek has been making art since she was a child and has sold her paintings & ragdolls professionally. She was the owner of eve-N-odd gallery in St. Petersburg, FL for 3 years–curating group and individual shows and selling lots of local art!